How to Make Large Rooms Intimate

How to Make Large Rooms Intimate

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  1. Large rooms sometimes have a sterile, not-lived in look; however, with a few simple tips, you can make a large room look much more inviting and more intimate.

    Group your Furniture

    A great way to make a room look more cozy and intimate is to group your furniture together. An example might be using part of the room to watch television and another part of the room to do some reading. With both areas you could use either some comfortable chairs or sofas–for the TV section– and with the reading section have a small library of books and several comfortable chairs or a cozy couch.

    Think large Furniture

    Another way to make a room look more intimate is to put large or oversized furniture in the room. Larger furniture will take up more living space and will make your room look smaller and cozier. However, it is important to balance the large furniture with smaller pieces of furniture. Otherwise, the room will look too small and will make moving from one area of the room to another, difficult.

    Try Adding some Plants and a few Showcase Tables

    Next, place some plants and other kinds of showcase items such as knick-knacks, pottery, fine China or other kinds of accessories. This will give a more inviting look to a room–especially with the addition of some knick-knacks and several varieties of plants. Flowers in bloom are always a good choice and make a room look more lived-in.

    Dark, Sensuous Colors Add a Look of Intimacy

    Light colors make a room look bigger; however dark colors you will make the room look smaller and add a look of coziness and a touch of sensuality. High ceilings can be made to look lower if they are also painted in dark tones. Tones of black, purple, brown and shades of blue work well when wanting to make a room look smaller.

    Rugs and Wallpaper Also are Effective

    Wallpaper that is large in print and deep in color can quickly make a large room look smaller. When the pattern is large and bold, a person will focus on the pattern and color, rather than look at the overall size of the room. In addition, by adding vases or flowers that coordinate with the wallpaper and rugs, you will effectively reduce the size and look of the room. Also, oriental throw rugs add a richness and intimacy that make any room more inviting, cozy and smaller.

    To conclude, large rooms can be more intimate; all it takes is a little time, some rearranging of furniture and adding a few oriental rugs and maybe a splash of darker paint.

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