How to Make Money on Experts123

How to Make Money on Experts123

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  1. This post and answer is in response to questions of … Have any experts made money here on

    During the initial phase of experts123 many Expert Contributors made money under the old model of paid content, paid articles, and revenue generated by pageviews.  That business model wasn’t sustainable though and just about every major site who based their business off of this model has for the most part been killed off by Google.  Too often the quality of information and writing was not at the level we wanted to provide.  So the model for helping people through expertise has evolved for our community to having contributors focus primarily on one area of expertise and contributing the highest quality content in that area. 

    Overall Purpose

    experts123 was initially conceived on the idea to help people and to provide a better way to surface truly helpful information including the best answers and expert article and video content.  The concept is to measure expertise through contributions and have experts recognized for sharing content to help them promote their message and following around their expertise.  We also had to build a business model for the site to sustain itself and we are evolving into a cooperative that most of the revenue from memberships and any advertising will go to the community of contributors.

    We believe strongly in that the way to make long term real money is to FIRST provide true value to an audience of consumers.  Yes, it involves something called hard work and its not a get rich quick scheme.  It requires focus on an area of expertise and dedication to serving people and helping them.

    So if you want to make money here then here is the way to do it.  

    • Choose one area of expertise that you really enjoy and have experience in or a passion and commitment to learn and help others in.
    • Build a content plan about what knowledge seekers in that area of expertise will want and need.
    • Build a personal marketing plan about how to share that information with others.  (We will help you market yourself as well.  For top contributors we invest in marketing channels)
    • Build your audience and following by being useful, reliable, and consistent.  Typically this means producing content on a regular basic for your expertise community.  
    • If your main purpose is helping others AND making money then make sure to pick an area of expertise that can be monetized.
    • Signup for our paid referral model.  (Coming Soon)

    If you are providing value to an audience then between the paid referral model and services or products you well then you will make money.  The key is to provide value.

    ***We know things change often in online media so we always want to be open to new ideas and features.  If you would like other ways to make money or improve the site then let us know.

    The best way to contact us now is at and let us know how we can help you.  Many new features are on the table and we are always looking for the cooperative to vote on what they need.

    The Experts123 Team and Community


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