How to Make RS Smithing Skill More Profitable?

How to Make RS Smithing Skill More Profitable?

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  1. Recently, the question of how to make runescape Smithing Skill more profitable has aroused heated discussion and attracted a lots of attention both from the developers and players. Today we will pick up the most essential information to share with you together.

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    Having Smithing be a rare chance wouldn’t actually make it more profitable
    There is a idea that you can smithing more profitable by having it be a rare chance to get a really valuable thing. But that wouldn’t actually make Smithing more profitable. It would just make certain lucky people getting a lot of money. But most people on average would make no more money or even less.
    It has to give bad XP to make more money of Smithing
    Maybe there are two ways to make Smithing more profitable. One is potentially adding a skilling element that doesn’t really fit with Mining and Smithing either. And the other one is lower XP gains.
    However, it’s not going to give really good XP because if it did, people would do the skills for XP which means they would producing a huge number of items and then that would lower the price. It has to give bad XP in order to make money. We can’t have both because the better XP is, the lower the money is.
    The idea of mastery invests more time, resource and effort
    Time and possible resources as well depending on how it ends up designed. So the idea of the mastery is that something starts with 99 Smithing. Therefore, all these people who leveled to 99 to get their overload benefit. If they are all producing this valuable Smithing gear, it’s not worth anything.
    So what Jagex needs to do is to distinguish the people who really care about Smithing from the people who just level to 99 to get their wet stone and move on to other things. So the idea of mastery is invest more time, more resources and more effort into the Smithing skills so that people can become more efficient in producing gear.
    Generally speaking, each update in the runescape needs time, resource and more effort. How to make Smithing more profitable may still needs to work hard for a few months. We hope it can earn a perfect outcome finally. By the way, you can buy runescape gold cheap on gold4fans with various available promos such as up to $10 and so on.

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