How to Make a Small Room Look Big

How to Make a Small Room Look Big

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  1. Rooms are where we live and interact with each other; however, there are times when we might want a small room to look larger. But, how can this be done? Simple. With a few helpful hints you can make a small room look bigger and more inviting.

    First, get rid of the Junk!

    One way a room begins to look smaller than it is is when there is too many items in a room. Do what you can to get rid of items that you don’t need in the room such as too many books, flowers or small tables. Find another space for these items–either in another room or place neatly out of sight. Then, open up the room by moving furniture away from entrance ways or areas where the traffic in the room is the busiest. When you move certain pieces out of the way, the room will look and feel bigger.

    Next, Try Using Lighter and Softer Colors

    Try using lighter and softer colors on your walls, furniture and accessories. Dark colors in a room make the room look more closed in; whereas cooler and softer tones of color make a room look more open, spacious and roomy. Colors such as light blue or yellow give a larger effect to a room. In addition, to keep the room looking larger, coordinate your furniture and accessories so that they match the colors of your wall. This will make your room look larger than it is because there won’t be any dark accessories to break up the simplicity of the room.

    Let There be Light!

    Rooms that have more light–such as natural light or artificial lighting look bigger. Heavy draperies make a room look smaller and prevent light from filtering into the room. Also, put in a few more lamps and perhaps a few vases of flowers. Flowers lighten and brighten any room and can be used as a focal point in a room.

    Try a Few Mirrors

    Have you noticed how mirrors make a room look bigger? They do! Try standingĀ a large framed mirror against one of your walls. It will make you room much bigger than it is and it will also bring an aura of class and style to the room. The light in the room and the space you have by taking away unnecessary items and choosing lighter colors, will make you room look more open and relaxed.

    To conclude, any room that is small can be made to look much larger by using lighter colors, coordinating your colors, using mirrors and letting in some light. So, clear away the dust and darkness of your room and let in the light!

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