​How to Maximize the Efficiency of Leveling Process with SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost?

​How to Maximize the Efficiency of Leveling Process with SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost?

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  1. As players are hitting the home stretch prior to the new expansion that launches on October 27, the subscriber bonus of 12x XP is winding down. Following by the SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost on May 5, it is another chance for players to give characters a boost. So what can players do to maximize use of the 12x and make the leveling process smoother? Here Swtor2credits summarizes a checklist for maximizing the efficiency of the leveling process and take advantage of the last period of 12x XP.

    The SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost will end when KOTFE launches

    As scheduled, players who actively subscribe for Knights of the Fallen Empire will get some corresponding rewards. Head to Swtor2credits to catch up or refresh details about the four rewards & early access provided for active subscribers. What is noteworthy is that all subscribers will receive the advantage of the Epic Story XP Boost. Although players have been asking for permanent Epic Story XP Boost for a long term, the official twitter confirmed that the 12x XP will come to an end when Knights of the Fallen Empire launches in October. Thus, it is time to do some things prepared ahead of time, to give each character as high a QoL as possible on the journey from 1 to 50.

    Things can do to smooth the leveling process with 12x XP

    1. Grab some minor/major experience boosts 
    Since only the regular XP boosts will stack with 12x, you will need to firstly make sure what you grab are standard variety, but not specialized for flashpoints, class quests, exploration, or other niches. The average run time for 1-60 is something like 12 hours, so with Minor Boosts lasting 1 hour, and Major Boosts lasting 3 hours, plan accordingly.

    2. Join in a guild if you haven’t had one
    Basically, Guilds will grant you another 5-10% xp boost depending on their sizes to stack with 12x XP. Thus, make sure you are a part in the guild. Now it is the best time to join in a guild since there are even guilds formed purely for the XP boost, without any other constraints or responsibilities so that you won’t feel perceived pressures of joining up.

    3. Get a stronghold and make use of its legacy storage
    Legacy storage in a stronghold will make everything easier, whether it’s for storing all your prepurchased items, for building a convenient location for vendoring items, or for whatever other utilities you like. Note that the medical vendor is beneficial for buying health packs, so if you’re saving swtor credits, the supply droids on Fleet are much cheaper that allow you to vendor items and repair gear.

    4. Make maximum companion affection on characters.
    Max the affection on other companions will grant you an increase of Presence rating across your legacy. In this way, your companions’ health, damage, and healing will be boosted

    5. Improve legacy-wide travel and level efficiently
    Travel is a major time sink in the leveling process, so try to reduce the cooldowns on Quick Travel and Fleet pass, which will make a huge difference. Besides, max out both Rocket Boots and your Personal Starship QT. Of course, you can also choose to go into your stronghold and automatically teleport to either your ship or your fleet. Besides, keep your gear updated for yourself and your companion at least every 10 levels, or more often if you have the comms.

    Time flies, the xp boost won’t keep for a long term, so don’t miss the best time to boost your character for the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire. Still, even with some tips, you will need many swtor cheap credits to make a full use of the 12x XP, so why don’t join in Swtor2credits 50,000k swtor credits giveaway to grab some for free? Good Luck!

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