​How to Mine Magnesium Salt Potential Market?

​How to Mine Magnesium Salt Potential Market?

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  1.    At present, the developmental trend of magnesium oxide industry is coincident with Chinese economy. In addition, with Chinese economy has entered a new normal, magnesium oxide industry is meeting a new change for development when it is meeting new challenges.

       We should look at that this industry is still facing the multiple challenges. What’s more, it has many problems in its own industry. From microscopic side, many magnesium oxide suppliers have problems of huge overcapacity, the lack of the capability of independent innovation, lower level of overall gear, unreasonable product structures, not enough investment in technology, low intensive degree, unbalanced regional development, market disorder and so on. The industry’s healthy development need your strenuous effort for a very long time. In macroscopic view, it is water-shed of industry reshuffle to adjust the industrial structure and save energy.

       The industrial development must take precautions and mine magnesium oxide potential market.

       1. In order to improve quality and effectiveness, and break industrial puzzle, it should improve overall magnesium oxide industry concentration and accelerate the speed in closing down backward production facilities through optimization and reorganization.

       2. It should pay more attention to research and development of high-end magnesium oxide. During 13th Five Year Plan, it regards resource-saving, environment friendly, technological innovative as the foundation. At the same time, focusing on researching high-end product, taking the development of modified magnesia as a breakthrough point and improving http://magnesiumking.com/ magnesium oxide industry overall technological level.

       3. It should accelerate the construction of new-style industrial cluster. Future Development of magnesium oxide must focus on green, low carbon, circulation and zoology. The construction of industrial cluster will be promoted to whole industrial chain from simple processing type. It can promote the magnesium oxide industry’s stabilize healthy development, and create collectivity competency further.

       4. It should base on domestic demand and overlook international market. In order to promote industry’s hierarchical transformation, magnesium oxide suppliers also should seize the major opportunity of “One Belt and One Road” and accelerate industrial layout, especially the central and western regions. As a result, it will become new power to support industrial development. 

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