​How to Picking the Best Crew Skills for Your SWTOR Class

​How to Picking the Best Crew Skills for Your SWTOR Class

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  1. On the official forum of Star Wars the Old Republic, there is a faithful player who has contributed the very minute guide to the others since he has done the research into it. The guide can help other players find the best crew skills for their players. In order to well gear your character, you had better to buy more?swtor credits?for you characters.

    Today let me tell you what these bonuses mean. We can know that companions now have two bonuses, efficiency and critical. First of all, comes to efficiency which comes in +5,+10, and sometimes maybe +15. It could be just a speed bonus for players to crafting. In my opinion, they are 5%, 10%, and 15% faster speed of crafting and mission completing.

    Next let us come to critical which comes in +1, +2, and even +5. That means players have +1%, +2%, and +5% additional chances for the mission or craft.

    What is Critical in crafting? That is to say player will either craft an additional item, or if they are making gear, it will come with an augment slot which they can fill with an augment. Players can gain additional items and even some rare rewards from the critical in missions.

    In general, the player who has released this guide consider that critical will be better than efficiency since ironically, critical is more efficient with gamers’ money and materials. All in all with changes of these times, it’s not as valuable to critically craft ?SWTOR armor and SWTOR weapons ?as augment slots are comparatively cheap.

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