How to Protect Your iPhone from Damage

How to Protect Your iPhone from Damage

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  1. Part of the allure surrounding the iPhone is its beautiful glass screen.  Images are crisp and relatively large across the surface.  But, how do you protect the iPhone from damage?  Stuffing the phone in your pocket or dropping it into a deep purse can easily scratch or crack the glass.  A few key suggestions can prevent a costly repair or replacement scenario.


    The moment you purchase an iPhone, a protective case should immediately accompany it.  Many manufacturers have devised unique cases to house the slender electronic; some of these cases can be amazingly expensive.  If possible, you should try and find a case that completely surrounds the back housing and curves up around the corners of the front housing.  The curved edges form a buffer if the iPhone is dropped inadvertently.  Leather cases with a front flap are another smart protective case cover choice.  However, you must make sure that the iPhone is securely situated within the case to prevent an accidental slip out of the flapped front area.

    Screen Protectors

    Another key protection device is applying a screen protector to the iPhone.  The transparent sheet stops unsightly scratches from accumulating on the screen.  In fact, the sheet can also prevent cracks since it is providing structural support to the glass; a dropped iPhone may have a better chance at staying intact if it has an attached screen protector.

    Common Sense

    At the end of the day, protecting the iPhone from damage requires common sense.  If you are hitting the beach, leave the iPhone in the car; water and sand can easily damage the electronic even if you are careful.  Always keep the phone away from the bathtub or pool, as well.  With a little attention, the iPhone can last for a long time.

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