How to Purchase Dog Insurance

How to Purchase Dog Insurance

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  1. Pet insurance is not usually thought of as something your dog should have. However, what if a medical issue comes up that is costly? What if you can’t afford that surgery or treatment for your dog? Dog insurance can help save you money, so you can afford the cost of expensive medical treatment. Pet insurance for dogs can be purchased a number of ways, and usually offer several different plans.

    Where to Find Dog Insurance

    1.) Contact or drop by your veterinarian’s office. Oftentimes your veterinarian will have brochures from companies that offer pet insurance.

    2.) Look on the Internet for "Pet Insurance," "Pet Healthcare" or "Dog Insurance." There are several companies online that offer healthcare insurance for dogs.

    3.) Check in your local yellow pages in the pets category. Pet insurance companies list their business in the yellow pages under pet insurance, dog insurance or pet healthcare.

    Choosing the Right Insurance

    Contact a few of the companies that you found. Ask them to send you information in the mail or if they have a website you can visit. More than likely they will have a website where you can see the different plans that are available. Most pet insurance companies offer plans from basic wellness plans to essential wellness plans. These plans vary in price and what is medically covered. Insurance plans typically have an annual deductible, and provide a certain percentage of coverage after you meet the deductible; just like a PPO plan. Certain preventative treatments like dental, annual exams and vaccines, along with certain illness, may be covered as part of the plan. Some plans may also have a waiting period before services can be introduced. Make certain that you understand the information and ask the company representative any questions you may have.

    Purchasing Pet Insurance

    Every pet insurance plan has different policies. Some insurance companies ask you to provide your pet’s health records. This can include vaccine records, date of birth, registration records and rabies certificate. You may have to choose a doctor from their network; however, most insurance companies allow your dog to continue seeing his current veterinarian. Once you choose the company you want to use, simply provide the information they request. They will provide their policies, procedures and insurance information to you.

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