How to Re-Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

How to Re-Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

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  1. Deciding how to re-decorate your home for the holidays can be fun. There are so many ways to do it, this is one time when picking a theme, and going crazy with it is acceptable.

    If you prefer just small touches of holiday décor then these tips are for you

    • Add a simple wreath to your front door
    • Hang stockings on the fire place that match your décor
    • Decorate your tree to matching the colors in your home
    • Light candles scented for the season


    If you want to go all out then these tips are for you

    • Replace you kitchen and bath towels, soap dispenser, rugs, and decorative items with a holiday theme. Pick a different theme for each room if you wish to.
    • Cover your furniture with blankets, sheets or furniture covers in holiday covers. Add holiday pillows and you now have holiday furniture.
    • Change out all family pictures to holiday family pictures. Dig out every first Christmas photo you can find as well as other favorite holiday photos and place those in your frames. This way you can enjoy them and re visit old memories with visitors to your home.
    • Pack up your regular accent items and replace them with nutcrackers, snowmen, Santa’s, or angels.
    • Use garland around doorways, windows, and banisters.
    • Wreaths are not just for the front door get creative.

    Stick to one style in each room, like any other theme mixing two styles can look odd. There are many holiday themes to choose from find what you like and go for it. When planning how to re-decorate your home for the holidays keep these themes in mind.

    Holiday themes

    • Traditional red and green – Colors can be bright, muted or dark
    • Victorian – Pulls in whites, pinks, rose, and other hues of pastels
    • Rustic Country – boots, stars, ropes, and quilts are the way to go
    • Charming Country – quilts, blocks, wood ornaments and figures
    • Holiday icons – These include Santa, snowmen, angel, nutcrackers, toys, or bears. These can range from cartoonish to having an expensive handcrafted look.
    • An all-time favorite is to display items handed down from past generations of the family. Pick colors and sold decorations to complement them and let them shine.


    Lastly, the one thing no one thinks about is scent. When you enter a home and a wonderful scent comes over you it can change how you view the items in the home. We rely on using all our senses so your beautiful decorations will only be that much better with wonderful smelling candles and holiday goodies for guest.

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