How to Replace a Toilet

How to Replace a Toilet

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  1.                                                  How to Replace a Toilet

         Considering that nearly half the water that is used in the average household flows through toilets, repairs and adjustments are usually minor and can be fixed by an inexperienced home plumber.  Many seem to become very finicky when it comes to the mechanism inside the tank. Some even think that the water inside the tank is dirty, but the water is as pure as it is in the rest of the house.  Following these instructions any home plumber should be able to install a new toilet into their home.

                                                     Measuring for a New Toilet

         First you need to determine the size of your old toilet so, that the new toilet will fit.  Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of one of the closet bolts(the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor).  Do this before you remove the old toilet so, you will have the measurements on hand when purchasing your new toilet.  Some toilets may have four closet bolts.  If so, measure from the wall to the rear set of closet bolts(most toilets only have two closet bolts).  If the base of the new toilet is shorter than the distance between the rear bolts and the wallMeasuring to determine size of toilet to purchase, it should fit.

                                                     Removing Old Toilet

         Turn off the water supply going to the tank.  The valve is usually located on the left side of tank on the bottom.  Flush the toilet to get the water out of the tank.  Then use a cup and/or a sponge to remove the remaining water from the toilet. 

         Remove the tank from the base (or the bowl) by the two mounting bolts located at the bottom of the tank.  Do this if you can’t lift entire toilet off the ground.  Take the caps off the closet bolts and remove the nuts.

         Rock the bowl back and forth to break it free from the wax gasket.  Once removed either take the toilet outside or set on plastic or cardboard.  You will then want to place a towel or rag in waste hole to keep gases from escaping into the room.  Make sure not to allow rag to fall in a block drain.Flange and wax gasket kit

         When you’ve removed the toilet check and make sure the flange(used to hold toilet to the floor) is not damaged.  If flange is damaged replace with new one.  Remove closet bolts from slots in flange and replace if rusty or threads are stripped.  A new wax gasket will need to be purchased when buying new toilet.

                                                    Installing New Toilet

         Insert new closet bolts into the proper slots of the flange.  Carefully tip new toilet on its side and you will see the waste horn(a protrusion on the base of the toilet that extends into the flange).  The new wax gasket will be placed around the waste horn.  When doing so, warm wax is softer and easier to work with.  If bringing in from the cold allow time for gasket to warm. 

         Unplug waste hole and gently place toilet on the flange.  You will then place washers and nuts on the new closet bolts.  Position toilet and carefully rock back and forth while firmly pressing down against wax ring.  When the bowl is positioned in the right place begin tightening the nuts on closet bolts.  Alternate side to side so that the pressure is distributed evenly.  When done put caps on the closet bolts.

         After installation is complete reconnect water line to bottom of tank.  When turning water back on check line and tank for leaks.  Then you will want to flush toilet a few times, checking base of toilet where wax ring is located.  If any leaks are present loosen closet bolts and position toilet more firmly onto wax ring.  Tighten closet bolts and check again.

         Sometimes you will have to adjust the flushing mechanism to proper working conditions.  Don’t let all the valves,levers and the float discourage you from adjusting anything.  They move ever so slowly so, it’s easy to observe the way they work and control the flushing cycle.  If you still have problems adjusting anything follow the manufactures instructions and make any changes needed.Flushing mechanism inside tank


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