How to Teleport with Sliskellion Pieces in Runescape with rs 07 gold for sale

How to Teleport with Sliskellion Pieces in Runescape with rs 07 gold for sale

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  1. Recently, the bug that the teleport option is useless on the Runescape Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch happened to a few players. although Mod Shauny said it will be fixed on Monday, now favoriting them works to teleport. Read on for more details.

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    Two methods to solve the bug of “sliskellion pieces teleport”

    When using teleport on Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch, you may be reminded that “Please finish what you are currently doing”. As you cannot remove them from the currency pouch, you can follow two tips as below to continue:

    1. Teleport the Runescape Grand Exchange and manually go through the text with the scoreboard.

    2. Add them to your favorites and do it from the favorites menu when you click the currency pouch button. Note that you can do it from the first menu only when you first click the bond button, and that it doesn’t work at all from the full menu. When you don’t need them, you can unfavorite them afterward.

    Worth to turn sliskellion pieces in your adventure

    Sliskelion pieces will likely be removed in December, after the Sliske’s Endgame. To be honest, it is definitely worth to turn those pieces in the game, especially when you’re not maxed. They are the equivalent of a medium lamp.

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