How to Trim Cats Nails

How to Trim Cats Nails

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  1. It may take some practice to learn how to trim your cat’s nails. If you get your cat as a kitten, it can be easier to get them used to having their nails clipped. Catch them while they are relaxed, not after play. Gently pet their feet and even press on their toes to expose the claws. Talk sweetly to your cat so (s)he will associate happy times with grooming.

    Buy a set of pet nail clippers. It works best to use the flat side of the clipper and the claw, as opposed to cutting across the rounded part of the claw. Cutting across the nail will more often result in splintering. This will take more time to fix and you will have an impatient or irritated cat.

    When you press on the toe, the claw will extend. As you view the length of the claw you will see the opaque white part, which has no blood supply. The area closest to the toe is pink. This is called the quick. The quick does have a blood supply. Cutting too close to the quick will injure the cat, making it bleed. It can also produce a trail of bloody claw marks on your arms and legs as they sprint off of your lap.

    To be on the safe side, cut less than half way between the sharp tip and where the quick begins. In fact, cut below where the claw begins to curve more dramatically. Some cats can only be patient for 2 or 3 trimmings so, be prepared to spread the task over a few days. The good news is that the rear claws may take care of themselves. They are usually less sharp and your cat may already chew on them while grooming.

    If you did not get your cat as a kitten there is still a chance that you can train it to tolerate nail clipping. Your cats’ temperament will determine whether you need the services of a veterinarian or professional groomer. If your cat trusts you, place it on your lap, or on a table, and practice extending the claws. Have a treat ready to reward their acceptance. Over time, your cat will allow you to trim its’ nails. You can trim every 2-4 weeks as desired.

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