How to earn Snow-Covered Parcels & Decorations in Swtor 2016 Life Day

How to earn Snow-Covered Parcels & Decorations in Swtor 2016 Life Day

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  1. Swtor 2016 Life Day lasts from Dec 13 to Jan 10, 2017. In this event, swtor credits and Snow-Covered Parcels are the main currencies while decorations will be the main goal for all players. Here is a guide how to partake in this event and how to earn decorations and CXP fast in 2016 Life Day.

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    How to start in 2016 Life Day Event

    Head to Galactic Trade Market Section of the fleet and find a Master of Ceremonies NPC near the GTN. In this event, swtor credits can be used to buy Life Day tree and Life Day Snowball Bomb, while Snow-Covered Parcels can be used for decorations, vehicles and misc.

    For cheap swtor credits, you can buy from our site. For parcels, you can buy life day items, including Festive Weapon Tuning for 100CC, Creature Companion: Wampa for 2100CC, Festive Tauntaun Mount for 2200CC, and Life Day Holo-Shrub for 480CC, in exchange.

    How to earn Snow-Covered Parcels

    As we reported, throwing a snowball gives you a 15% chance to receive parcel, with extra 20 CXP. Besides, Snow-Covered Parcels are tradeable, but the bought ones do not count towards the achievements.

    How to get more decorations from Overheated Life Day Droid

    On Coruscant Senate, Dromund Kaas City Memorial place, and Nar Shaddaa promenade, throwing snowball bombs to Life Day Droids will give you the parcel. Overheated Life Day Droids respawned by the normal Droids would drop decorations and Life Day Holo Trees.

    1. You can still get decorations even if other players have used snowballs on him. So throw your snowballs on it until he disappears.

    2. The normal Life Day Droids only give parcels with 15% chance while overheated droids have an additional 15% to give you decorations.

    3. All Life Day Droids stay around for 5 minutes and then respawn about 4 minutes later.

    Note: as Bioware fixed the Life Day Bombs, you can target them on NPCs. Only Life Day Cannon works on them, but it is not available yet for this year.

    In addition, using Life Day Snowball Bomb to find Snow-covered Parcels or a decoration will make you received the achievements.

    2016 Life Day is ongoing in swtor. May this guide be helpful for you. If you need gold in this event, you can buy cheap swtor credits from Swtor2credits at any time. BTW, you should not miss our Free Swtor Credits Giveaway on Dec 22.

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