How to gain more cheap darkscape gold in game

How to gain more cheap darkscape gold in game

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  1. Old School Deadman mode has attracted a great number of Old School players, but there are still many players choose to stay in Darkscape. Yes, it is hard for players to give up a game which they spend so many time in it. If you need cheap Darkscape gold when you are playing Darkscape gold, you can always buy darkscape gold on RSorder. You see, Agility help you a lot in Darkscape, read more to learn some useful Agility tips.

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    Useful training Agility guides

    For Agility level 1-35, you can go for Basic Gnome Course.
    For Agility level 35-52, Basic Barbarian Course can be great choice.
    For Agility level 52-75, Wilderness Course is the best option.
    For Agility level 75-85, just go for Ape Atoll Course.
    For Agility level 85-90, Advanced Gnome Course is the best bet.
    For Agility level 90-99, Advanced Barbarian Course is the best bet.

    Be careful when training

    When playing in Darkscape, some players believe that playing it safe and never risking their XP is the best route to go, however, this is not always true in Darkscape. When you are playing in Darkscape, you will end up getting the normal 1x RS3 amount anyway at a minimum even if you get your XP halved. However, it’s always worth it to use the crate even as a free player. If you need DS gold when training, you can always buy cheap Darkscape gold on RSorder.

    Click the right place when training

    It goes faster than you image when you are training. You see, spam clicking obstacles generally helps you get to the next obstacle faster since you’ll have clicked it at the earliest tick possible. You can time your clicks to be exact instead, but spam clicking is sufficient enough. You see, Wrong click is quite dangerous in Darkscape. So make sure to click the right place when training.

    Some things may or may not useful for you. Whatever, you can always use these useful tips to help you level up your Agility. If you need Darkscape gold when playing Darkscape, you can always visit RSorder to buy cheap Darkscape gold with fast delievry. The good new is that RSorder pandora’s box $6000 cash free giveaways for Thanksgiving will be available on Nov.13. You can get free Darkscape gold and more by joining in our activity. Have fun.

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