How to get free astral diamonds neverwinter and Fish Fast in Neverwinter 2016 Winter Festival

How to get free astral diamonds neverwinter and Fish Fast in Neverwinter 2016 Winter Festival

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  1. Neverwinter Winter Festival of Simril is valid until January 5 on PC and consoles! As is tradition, fishing, Star of Fortune and Light play the same roles as before. Differently, Simril Lightcrafting, Sirac of Suzail and more are added in 2016 Winter Festival. Here are some tips to play 2016 Neverwinter Winter Festival.

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    General tips to fish and earn Winter Festival gifts

    1. Star of Fortune and Lights are the currencies in Winter Festival. You can grind Lights by fishing. The daily can also gives Lights. But it is terrible return for time invested. Only do it if you want to chase the achievements.

    2. Get all your characters there so that you can start picking up your free gifts every day, and do the daily to look through the telescope and get a Star of Fortune.

    3. Try to get into full groups when opening gifts. You can get into a group doing multiple openings at once just to save time.

    4. When you fish, if there are a lot of people around the hole, you can just look up and activate the fishhole without anyone getting in the way.

    5. Scarves are Neck transmutes for combat gear, do not show up as fashion gear. You will need to wearing your adventure gear to see it.

    New items and profession for 2016 Winter Festival

    1. Two different Packs on the Zen Market to treat yourself. The Simril Starlight Pack contains 20x Starlight Parcels and 14 Days VIP time (no rank increase). For those looking to catch up on STK gear, the Simril Care Package offers Frostborn Gear, Artifact Weapons, and Remorhaz Companion.

    2. The new profession, Simril Lightcrafting, will be available. You’ll need to do it if you plan on fishing and getting your fishing pole upgraded as soon as possible to fish faster.

    3. The Throne of Winter has been added to the Star of Fortune store

    4. Sirac of Suzail allows players to advance old campaigns by accepting Winter items in exchange for old campaign currencies

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