How to impress your boyfriend, crush or signifigant other

How to impress your boyfriend, crush or signifigant other

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  1. 1. Know his favorite music, T.V. shows and hobbies

    Guys, like girls love it when you know things about them and show you care.

    2. Don’t be afraid to act a little boyish, wear a sports jersey and look cute doing it

    A strategically styled sports garment can make you look adorable and easier to talk to. Guys love girls who act like girls, but aren’t afraid to watch sports or throw a baseball around.

    3. Eyelash extensions, hair extensions, plastic surgery?

    Avoid it if you can. Believe it or not, guys love the natural you and can spot these things.

    4. Pink is cute, but black is better

    Time and time again red and black are some of the sexiest colors voted by men. Smart girls know that a dark and sultry look can be much more attractive than a lot of pink and girly things.

    5. Cut your nails

    Seriously… guys are simple creatures. Lose the fake nails. Guys don’t want those kind of scratches on their back.

    6. Are you insecure? Don’t show it.

    Guys hate seeing that you don’t love yourself. Believe it or not, if a guy likes you, he wants you to be happy and love yourself.

    7. If you’re not working out you should start

    Men have been polled and ask if they would prefer that their wife start working out or get a makeover. Guess which one they picked? Gym! Do not starve yourself, being malnourished is not sexy.

    8. Guys like no makeup, but natural makeup or makeup that suits your skin tone and brings out your natural beauty is the way to go

    There are many  polls that state guys love the natural you. If makeup gives you confidence, apply it in such a way to emphasize your natural beauty. Also, don’t cake it on.

    9. Dress for your body type

    Basically, if he is with you, he loves YOU and your body type. Find out what it is and dress to bring out the best of your shape.

    ​If you currently are not doing any of these things, you should give them a try and see what a difference they make.




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