How to make Neverwinter PS4 Leveling LV60-70 fast with free astral diasmonds giveaway

How to make Neverwinter PS4 Leveling LV60-70 fast with free astral diasmonds giveaway

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  1. We all known that the highest level is 70 in Neverwinter Online, you need farm XP more and more, in addition to doing the quest and dungeon, what better way to upgrade your level as soon as possible in the game? Here we share you the quick way to upgrade Lv60 – Lv70.

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    Lv60 – 65

    Go to Reclamation Rock, the level of mobs at Lv63 – 65, it is very easy to kill them and get very much experience. What’s more, there are many quests you can do, each quest experience are almost about 14K. From the route in below figure, you will find the wild monster Bullettes to farming.
    Lv65 – 67

    The wild monster level is 65-67 in Fiery Pit, bring us the best experience earnings, you also can accept the quests, and kill Magma Brutes with richest experience, the location of Magma Brutes in the below map marker.
    Lv67 – 70

    The wild monster level is 67 – 69 in Spinward Rise map, the Cloud Giants with the most experience and is very easy to kill. Along the below map route you will find Cloud Giants.

    This is the final zone, where you will ding 70 eventually. This is the only zone where you absolutely should finish all the vigilance quests to get your artifact weapon.

    An important note here is that quite a few of the quests involve killing cultists, these quests can be done on ANY of the islands and should often be done at the first one since there are more and easier cultists there. Try to get different quests involving cultists at the same time. Also always get the Tome of air line of quests from Harper Evandriel, these quests are super quick and easy to complete and give good XP. Unlock all the islands as fast as you can by completing the quests on each one. Leveling is faster when you have all of them open and can choose from all the quests.

    Once you have completed the Artifact Weapon quest and opened all the islands you still propably won’t be level 70. So you will need to repeat the quests. Nothing else in the game really gives any decent amount of XP. I usually grab the Tome of Air quests when i can, as well as trying to gather as many that involve killing cultists at the same time as i can, or the three Kenku quests from Skreel.

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