How to make wow gold fast with Daily Obliterum Routin

How to make wow gold fast with Daily Obliterum Routin

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  1. A quick gold making method that requires very little work. You only need to have the Obliterum Forge unlocked. It has no reputation requirements.

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    Check out your realm’s current price of ObliterumObliterum. My realm is at 1,700 Gold / piece (Source).

    Search your Auction House for the following items
    Sometimes you may add cheap crafted JWC amulets to the list such as Ancient Maelstrom AmuletAncient Maelstrom Amulet, Subtle Shadowruby PendantSubtle Shadowruby Pendant or Blessed Dawnlight MedallionBlessed Dawnlight Medallion if they can be bought for a reasonable price. I recommend checking out your realm’s TuJ’s Jewelcrafting page for prices of 0/7 amulets. They pop up for 2K / piece once in a while.

    I buy everything below 2,000 Gold. Most of the time, I will buy Infernal Alchemist StoneInfernal Alchemist Stone for anywhere between 1,700 – 1,900 Gold and on average get 150 Obliterum AshObliterum Ash. All the enchants can be bought up to 2,000 Gold / piece and most of the time I get anywhere between 130-140 Obliterum AshObliterum Ash. Destroy all the items and resell as ObliterumObliterum. It’s good to sell at different stacks. Stacks of 8 work very well and sell instantly.

    You can repeat it multiple times a day for enchants are floating around crazy cheap.

    For obliterating, use the Easy Obliterate addon. It allows you to create a macro to destroy items with a single click of a button.
    A new PTR build is here with spell and legendary proc updates!

    Many legendaries were buffed or nerfed; Blizzard explained that the goal was to nerf the power of legendaries that were strong in all situations. We also have a brand new datamining format for legendary procs and stats, we hope you like it!
    More specs received Aura Damage updates including +12% to Retribution Paladin, 3% to Unholy Death Knight, 4% to Destruction Warlock, +7% to Survival Hunter, and +5% to Arms Warrior.
    New spells include the Shadow Priest Talent Misery while Greater Blessing of Might has been removed. Remember though that Retribution Paladins received a 12% damage increase to their remaining abilities.
    Many Vantus Runes have been buffed from 1000 to 1500; while the costs have been halved!
    Earlier today we launched Wowhead News Alerts for Discord; give it a try in your channels to be alerted when new data updates like this build are live.

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