How to pass up safewow free 3000K neverwinter astral diamonds on Jun.18

How to pass up safewow free 3000K neverwinter astral diamonds on Jun.18

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  1. Neverwinter next expansion has been unveiled with a brief look at some of the features. It’s time to return home and reclaim the River District, where you will take up the new quests in new adventure zone and see Illusionists Gambit skirmish released and more! Buy cheap neverwinter astral diamond to stand by!

    Total 30,000K neverwinter astral diamonds Giveaway for Sea of Moving Ice at 03:00 AM on Jan 18, 2017 GMT.

    50 portions for PC, 50 portions for Xbox One, and the other 50 portions for PS4. Each portion is 200K Astral Diamonds.?

    The link:

    New adventure zone: the River District

    Heroes, time to come back home and take a short rest, and then fight for The River District! The new adventure zone, the River District, will be available in Neverwinter full of new quests.

    As the old River District is filled with lost treasure, heroes can delve into excavation sites of buried mansions and crypts in search of riches when establishing guard posts to keep the areas safe. Before that, you have to find a map.

    Besides, there will be a fully featured campaign, a type of questing system, which has multiple ways to complete the missions.

    More trading will be filled with next Neverwinter expansion

    The opening up of the River District port means lots of opportunities for trading. And you can barter for resources with fresh supplies in the River District. Certainly, if you want to escape from the tiresome business, you can directly buy neverwinter items with cheap price on our site.

    Skirmish content in the River District Zone

    In addition to the above features, we will also be able to see the Illusionists Gambit skirmish released, as well as the return of Spellplague Caverns. It highlights that Spellplague Caverns dungeon would have been overhauled and remastered. Besides, it will come in both standard and epic versions, along with new challenges, new boss fights and new epic loot.

    There is still no precise date for Neverwinter next expansion release. But it certain that more and more information about the upcoming Neverwinter expansion will be posted out on our site. stay tuned! Besides, cheap neverwinter astral diamond will be provided all the time as we have done ever.

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