How to pass up safewow free wow gold giveaway as your best XMAS gift on Dec.23

How to pass up safewow free wow gold giveaway as your best XMAS gift on Dec.23

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  1. Now, to keep all WOW accounts safe, Blizzard has taken some actions on Authenticators, such as free digital Authenticators, Core Hound Pup to guard, and the easy way to remove the Auth. More importantly, it doesn’t need any additional steps to re-log in once you finish the initial setup.

    Merry Christmas!Safewow offer free 1,000,000 wow gold giveaway as your best 2016 Christmas gift at 03:00 AM on Dec 23, 2016 GMT.

    Total 1,000,000 WOW Gold ( 50 portions of WOW Gold US/EU respectively, 10000 wow gold per portion );

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    When you cannot get a code from your physical or digital authenticator…

    It is convenient to use a digital Authenticator associated with WOW account. But it is hard to deal with when you lose or break your phone. If you are using a physical authenticator for years, you have to worry about how long does the battery last.

    As Blizzard suggests, when the battery does eventually run out, or when the mobile device being associated with is lost, you can contact the official reps to help remove the Auth from the account.

    Other FAQs:

    1. As soon as you’ve replaced the Authenticator on your account, you’ll regain access to your Core Hound Pup.

    2. When you remove the authenticator, you will lose the pop. But it is only temporary until the Authenticator is restored. As soon as the Auth has been replaced, the pup returns with their previous XP levels.

    2. You can associate up to three WOW accounts with the same digital Authenticator.

    Currently, all players can only get free digital Authenticators, but a feisty lil’ Core Hound Pup to guard your account. As for the removal of the Auth, you can both use the SMS Protect option set up to do it by yourself, and contact Blizzard to get a favor. For such an overall service to protect your account, World of Warcraft will be able to offer you a marvelous game play experience. Safewow will be the best place to buy wow gold cheap and provide you the relevant in-game updates and guides.

    Just be a safewow member and gain free 100 Reward Points(100 Reward Points=$1) now.

    Cheapest wow gold/Mounts/Pets/items for wow legion from is for you.

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