Ideas for the Perfect Garden Wedding

Ideas for the Perfect Garden Wedding

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  1. Botanical garden weddings are currently very popular. The appeal of the beauty and fresh scent of blossoming flowers finds brides wanting garden venues of all styles and sizes. These locations make for perfect wedding pictures and lasting memories.

    A tranquil garden to exchange your vows in is ideal because most of the decorating has been taken care of by nature. A little creativity with arches, tents, tables, and chairs is just a finishing touch. Vine-sewn arches with touches of flowers here and there are beautiful as a backdrop to the bride and groom. Tables with linens and vases full of flowers are a great addition under any tent. Fill the bottom of the vases with water, sand, or stones and surround the vase with petals or seashells, depending on your own personal style and theme. Add chic, vibrant bows to the chairs in colors that compliment your flowers and table linens.

    Roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, gardenias, and lilacs are some of the most preferred and fashionable flowers for weddings. Roses, lilacs, and tulips do best in cooler temperatures, whereas orchids and calla lilies can tolerate heat well. So keep this in mind when planning around a certain time of year. Gardenias are a fantastic accent flower because they look amazing when floating in a pond or even a shallow bowl. Potted plants, such as azaleas and geraniums, make stunning centerpieces. Just tie strips of ribbon around them to coordinate with your wedding colors. Add a few candles around them and it makes for a more modest cost option. Having them grown for you in a nursery is a good idea also, so you don’t have to hassle with growing them yourself or ordering them later.

    An indoor botanical garden wedding can be breath-taking and is a great option if you are fearful of the weather without. It will require an abundance of luscious greenery and foliage. Soft lighting and gardens chairs for the guests will add an ambiance of the outdoors. Lots of floral arrangements and centerpieces with the flowers of your choice with allow the tables to add to the atmosphere. Include an arbor of latticework and vines to set the scene of nature.

    Favors for garden weddings can be cute and very unique. Try giving your friends and family a quaint little tree sapling in a burlap bag. A flower seed eco-box is another notable idea. Your guests will be able to grow their own rose or forget-me-not as a reminder of your special day.

    With effort and creativity your botanical garden wedding can be a day you’ll always remember. Gorgeous bouquets and personal touches can insure that your special day will be all that you had hoped for and more.

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