India has emerged as a favourite B-school destination

India has emerged as a favourite B-school destination

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  1. With the new government elected in summer 2014, optimism has sparked in the higher education sector, especially MBA education. India’s emerging economy and the government’s moves in implementing improvements to internationalise its universities have now paid off to make the country as one of the favourite B-school destination in the world.

    India has emerged as a hub for business management studies. India’s entry into the elite league for preferred destinations for B-school aspirants has a lot to do with the emergence of top MBA institutions. The number of B-schools in India has tripled within a five year period in order to accommodate more local and international students. MBA education is expensive and so B-school aspirants look for a return on their investment. For foreign students, studying MBA from Indian B-schools is less expensive as the cost of living and tuition fees are comparatively lower than western giants such as the U.S. and UK. Easy immigration laws allow international students to stay here and study MBA in their selected MBA institutes. Additionally, a number of business management universities offer scholarship funding for promising national and international students.

    In past few years, many Indian business schools have pursued valuable collaborations with global institutions. The Indian School of Business and the MIT Sloan School of Management have signed an agreement to assist the Indian B-school in faculty recruitment, teaching opportunity for MIT faculty, joint executive education programs and curriculum design for areas such as management of large infrastructure. The Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) such as IIM Delhi, IIM Indore (, IIM Kolkata, etc. are working with foreign universities in the field of research & training and faculty & student exchanges.

    According to a recent Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) study, 80% of MBA grads from Indian MBA institutes believe that their business management degrees gave them a competitive advantage during the job hunt. The recent legislation allowing foreign universities to enter the Indian education sector will undoubtedly accelerate the influx of foreign students in B-schools. India has in recent years enjoyed healthy economic expansion. Growth in the technology and manufacturing sector has increased the requirements of MBA candidates. That’s why Indian students are scrambling to get into MBA programs.

    India’s transitioning learning environment is expected to serve as a premier destination for MBA education both on the domestic and international stage. India’s popularity among local and overseas students in terms of MBA programmes will continue to rise with the increasing efforts taken by Indian universities for providing better learning environment and placement opportunities.

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