Industrial models of knitting machine

Industrial models of knitting machine

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  1. A Single Jersey knitting machine is used to produce knitted fabrics and clothes on a fixed bed of hooked needles.

    A knitting machine is made of a needle bed, a carriage and yarn guides but it may have other attachments as well. Latchet hooks hold the stitches.

    Domestic & Industrial –

    They can be hand powered or motor assisted. There are also domestic and industrial models of knitting machines.

    The domestic knitting machines produce a fabric that looks handmade because they use the weft knitting method.

    However, you must not confuse knitting machines with sewing machines.

    A knitting machine is more complicated- it has springs, buttons, wires and hooks

    and most Importantly you need to realize you have to use machine-knitting books to get the pattern you want because hand knitting books can’t be used with a machine as they are not compatible.

    Different Machines –

    It is obviously easier to knit using a knitting machine and a lot faster because knitting machines make an entire row of loops in a single movement.

    Another reason for using knitting machines is that the fabric made with a machine looks better in many instances than the hand-knitted fabric, the latter having large areas of plain stocking stitch.

    Finally ,you do not have to be a professional knitter to make wonderful clothes because many machines are fairly simple to operate and it can be a great way to begin to knit .

    A Bulky size machine is used for making heavy sweaters because the distance between the needles is 9 mm and the hook is large enough and there is no risk of splitting the Rayon Fabric yarn.

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