Investing in Technology Stocks

Investing in Technology Stocks

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  1.      While most people prefer to invest in big technology companies, some people would rather invest in the companies that supply those big companies. Apple, for example, needs to utilize several companies that supply it with the components that it puts into its products.The more Apple sells of its products, the more parts the suppliers need to produce. 

         Here is a list of some of Apple’s  suppliers:

        1. Cirrus Logic Inc. (CRUS) A semiconductor company that develops analog and mixed signal circuits.

       2. G. T. Advanced Technologies Inc. (GTAT) This company provides material and equipment for electronics companies.

       3. Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) This company provides analog semiconductors to its customers.

       4. Triquint Semiconductor Inc. (TQNT) This company provides radio frequency solutions for mobile devices and networks infrastructure.

       5. RF Micro Devices Inc (RFMD) This company provides radio frequency solutions for companies that produce wired and wireless applications.

       Although the future is bright for these stocks, we should keep in mind that their success depends on the success of Apple. Therefore, if Apple has a downturn, then these stocks could also see a reduction in price.





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