Its About Due Diligence

Its About Due Diligence

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  1. If you had a boss that reminded you of the attached image, you knew that the best way to keep them off your back was to do whatever ahead of time.  In most cases, this was all it took and you could go on your merry way.

    This was most likely your first exposure to due diligence in business.  Whether it was cross-selling, promoting a new product or that lovely task called filing, showing the initiative in business is key to survival. 

    Yes, many people have wonderful ideas – and bills to be paid – but only a few can execute the basics well enough to grow and prosper.

    Here is a short checklist –

    1. Read all promotional material.  Is it suitable for the intended demographic?  Did you proofread it?  What do you hope to accomplish besides getting attention?
    2. Communication.  Is there an outstanding issue with a client or customer that needs resolution?  If so, how do you plan on going about it?  Is this a long-term relationship or someone trying to get over?
    3. Money Issues.  Are late payments causing you to fall behind?  Do you have a lot of clients paying below market rates?  Have you considered asking for an upfront percentage before starting a job?

    Sometimes, it is easy for you (see what I’m saying) your eyes to gloss over materials and not catch a typo until months down the road, after it has been published. 

    It’s also simpler to say sayonara when a customer wants too much for too little.  It’s not that anyone is a bad person but some client needs are simply not worth your time. 

    Many people are still affected by the domino effect of recession.  If you have an online presence and some time on your hands, consider building your brand with an informative blog and/or video.

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