Jump on the Bandwagon: Pinterest is the Number 3 Most Popular Social Network

Jump on the Bandwagon: Pinterest is the Number 3 Most Popular Social Network

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  1. It’s official: the popular social network Pinterest has surpassed Linkedin to be the number three most popular social networking site behind #1 Facebook and #2 Twitter. While heavy hitter Facebook weighs in at 7 billion visits in March 2012, Twitter barely squeezes ahead of Pinterest at 182 million visits. Pinterest at 104 million monthly visits leads LinkedIn at 86 million monthly visits. This data was collected from Experian and doesn’t take into account visits from mobile sites.

    This report is based on traffic, not unique visitors which could reorganize the entire line-up. However, the social networking site that people thought was dominated by women in the mid west in their 40s is hardly that. The ration of men to women is 32 to 68, with women taking up a majority of the demographic. However, men now use Pinterest without shame because, let’s be honest, it’s a great way to promote yourself and socially interact online.

    If you haven’t signed up with Pinterest yet, it is through invitation only. Once you’ve submitted and received your invitation, learn how to get started on Pinterest. It’s a great way to share your favorite internet finds and expand your personal and professional brand.

    Pinterest-ing Statistics

    The image below consists of some Pinterest infographics. Click here to see a larger image.

    Pinterest Infographics

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