Just buying safewow 10% off wow gold to get ready for Timewalking Raids

Just buying safewow 10% off wow gold to get ready for Timewalking Raids

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  1. It is not news that Timewalking raids are probably coming at some point in World of Warcraft. But it would be a brand new content in this game. And many players will rush for it. Though Timewalking raids release date is still not confirmed, it is necessary to find out a safe and reliable site to buy wow gold cheap in advance.

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    The coming of Timewalking raids is a safe bet

    Last week, Blizzard discussed timewalking, a feature that updates dungeons from past expansions to current content levels. As we know, Timewalking is more than an alternate way to level and gear up characters. Speaking of the Pandaria dungeon timewalking, they would release Timewalking raids at some point. But it will be challengeable to balance them for the current content. Besides, they also revealed that:

    1. Increase the item level on Timewalking gear;

    2. Scholomance probably won’t make it to Mists of Pandaria timewalking. MoP timewalking is about the dungeons found in Pandaria;

    3. The Vanilla dungeons don’t hold up to current dungeon design standards, so there is no Vanilla timewalking now. But it will start to do in the future;

    4. Timewalking is designed to cover content from two expansions ago and earlier.

    Buy wow gold cheap in advance to prepare for the upcoming content

    So far, there is no any other information about Timewalking raids. But the next WOW Q&A would be streamed in February, and we hope more information will be unveiled then. Anyway, it is worth to stock up safe and cheap wow gold for Timewalking Raids. Don’t wait until fire catches the eyebrows!

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