Just join safewow 50% off neverwinter astral diamonds to test Treasures of the Dungeon Master in Apr.20

Just join safewow 50% off neverwinter astral diamonds to test Treasures of the Dungeon Master in Apr.20

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  1. Greetings adventurers! Have you all been enjoying the Day of the Dungeon Master so far? Hopefully you’re having as much fun playing it as we had making it. If you haven’t already, check out our most recent blogs here and here for some behind the scenes peeks at how we brought the tabletop game to life.

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    While Patrick was busy reproducing the tabletop in glorious detail, I was hard at work on the campaigns, bosses and prizes for this year’s event. Both the bosses and the prizes were designed to be fun and accessible while featuring some fresh and unique gimmicks.

    Portobello’s bosses won’t be giving Orcus a run for his money, but you might encounter some unique and unexpected mechanics along the way. Longtime fans of the series will have a chance to face off against a fan favorite character in the final queue. Those of you familiar with the PAX tabletop adventure that inspired Portobello’s Game might have a good idea of who I’m talking about!

    But what of the loot? Day of the Dungeon Master will be running for the entirety of April, so there’s a lot of exciting new treasure to get your hands on.

    New to Respen’s Game this year is an accompanying campaign. It’s simple, straightforward, can be done quickly, and ends in a just-for-fun vote for your favorite flavor of Lathander’s Dew. Cast your vote to earn a unique title. In addition, all future Lathander’s Dew drops will be in the flavor you cast your vote for. The difference is cosmetic only, and the stats will remain identical. The Pewter Golem companion is now also newly available this year as a rare drop from running the Respen’s Marvelous Game queue.

    Not a wizard to be outdone, Portobello’s campaign features a month’s worth of exciting prizes. By earning adventuring accreditation over the course of the month, players will be able to unlock Portobello’s Wand of Sight, Intern Fashion, a Gargoyle defender companion, and a brand new artifact, the Dagger of Apocalypse.

    Starting week 1, you’ll be able to earn up to 100 accreditation, come week 2 you’ll be able to earn up to 200, etc. for a maximum of 400 accreditation by the end of the event. Whether you want to earn 100 a week or try to squeeze out all 400 in the last week the choice is yours, but the ways to earn accreditation are numerous. Earn accreditation through the daily challenge quest at the Burrow Dawn Inn, through running Portobello’s queues or for completing daily “Heroic Tasks of Heroism” spelled out in Portobello’s Campaign.

    If you find yourself tight for time or just want to earn accreditation a bit faster, check out the Gargoyle Augment companion, Watler in the Zen Market. In addition to slinging insults, the grouchy old gargoyle will boost the rate at which you earn accreditation.

    I mentioned that some of the loot would feature unique gimmicks, so let’s take a look at the Wand of Sight and the Dagger of Apocalypse. The Wand of Sight is a wondrous item capable of reproducing Flabbergast’s signature spell the eye of GREEN FLAMES! Once you summon the eye you’ll be able to control it remotely and wander away from your body for 30 seconds! Upon taking damage or canceling the effect yourself, control of your body will be returned, wherever you left it.

    The Dagger of the Apocalypse, meanwhile, is a fully fledged artifact capable of tearing a rift into the Plane of Fire beneath a targeted area and incinerating any hapless foes standing nearby. At least that’s the hope… I hear there’s a chance for a slightly less fiery result, one involving 6 points of damage. Don’t worry though, in all things—balance—there’s an equal chance your artifact will dish out an increased punch.

    These are just some of the exciting rewards you can get your hands on during the Day of the Dungeon Master, I’m looking forward to seeing you all discover what other rewards await!

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