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  1. Ever hear the phrase “Karma will get you.” Some think that karma is a way at getting back at someone. Not true. Karma is an action, or, in more simple terms, a curse or a hex (depending on how you direct it). So how does it work exactly? I’ll tell you from my own experience with someone who wished that karma would get me back (by the way, it didn’t work. Karma bit her instead!)

    Not too long ago a psychic on a psychic site ( I won’t mention the psychics name since this person is pure garbage) decided to have an argument with me not only about that not using tools is way better than using tools (which by the way, a psychic that doesn’t use tools is just lying and is a complete fake), but that karma would get me. What this inconsiderate no good person failed to realize is that I am Wiccan and that I can easily make sure that karma would do the turn around and get her 3 times over. The other thing is that she doesn’t understand that karma is just a fancy word for “curse” or a “hex”. Karma isn’t anything else but a curse or a hex. Again, it just depends on how you see it and direct it. Anyway, back to my point. This “psychic” (psychic being in quotes because she is a scam, liar and a complete fake) kept telling me that karma would get me and that I would be sorry. I proceeded to tell her that because she was being the one that was nasty and attacking karma would get her and I would make sure of it. She told me I had no business telling clients about anything medical. I am a nurse! I have been through more medical issues than she has and I told her to mind her own business to which she told me I was a child playing a game. I told her to shut her mouth and to just play with her building blocks and leave the psychic work to the professionals. I told her she had no social skill or talking skills and that I would report her. I did. I reported her.

    Now here is where I made damn good sure karma got her:

    After reporting her to administration, I also sent admin the messages that this horrid psychic kept sending me and by the graces of God she was told that if she contacted me in any way one more time that her days of being a phony psychic were done. Her messages were deleted! However, she kept messaging me and she was eventually suspended from the site.

    She is probably the only fake psychic on the site . She is a fake, she is nasty, she will verbally attack and insult anyone who disagrees with her. She will scam anyone of their money. She is only pretending to be a psychic to make a buck. Her intentions are not true and she will avoid any questions that are asked by a client. She will play guessing games and throw a temper tantrum if she doesn’t win. She also guesses answers from the top of her head and she is always wrong. Her predictions very rarely come to pass. She is the psychic to avoid at all costs not to mention she is a complete psycho.

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