Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

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  1. Your Voice

    If you want to be successful at article writing, you must understand your audience and be able to change your voice and writing style accordingly. I’ll give you an example to demonstrate what I mean. Say that you are having lunch outside at a café with your father and his friend, a philosophy instructor. You have been engaging in a rather esoteric philosophical discussion when your friend walks by strolling her baby in a carriage. You immediately begin talking baby talk to the child. You just communicated in two completely different ways to engage with your audience. That is what you can also do with article writing.


    The places you can write articles for on the Internet alone are practically endless. Typically, you would need to submit a writing sample to be considered for any online publication. That calls for you to read the publication first to familiarize yourself with the probable audience. Articles about the music industry, for example, should sound quite different from an article you would write about investment opportunities. I write articles on several topics, and one trick that I sometimes use is to visualize a specific person while I am writing. This helps me determine whether I have the right voice and whether I’m getting through to the person. For example, when I write for a parenting publication, I sometimes visualize one of my friends and pretend I’m simply talking to her. That, combined with knowing the style of the publication where my article is going, helps me determine the right tone.

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