Legendary Drop Rate Different from LFR to Mythic+ in WOW Legion gold

Legendary Drop Rate Different from LFR to Mythic+ in WOW Legion gold

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  1. Recently, Legendary drop rate has arouse a stir in WOW Legion. Although legendary drops rarely in the whole game, completing different quests will give you different odds to obtain WOW Legendaries. It is certain that Mythic+ chests will have a higher drop rate.

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    Where to farm WOW Legendary in Legion efficiently?

    With no doubt, you can get a chance to farm Legendary in both LFR and higher difficulties. There are no hard percentages to show what content is the major source of legendaries, but literally more people claimed that they got wow legion legendaries from Mythic+ chests than LFR. So if you want to obtain more Legendaries, do Mythic dungeons! Don’t worry about gold for wow. You can buy cheap gold for wow from our site. Now 9% discount code “HWE9” is available for all players.

    Doing stuff can give you a chance of getting a legendary will.

    Blizzard has confirmed that played time is not going to contribute to you getting a legendary, but doing stuff will give you a chance of getting a legendary will. Actually it would be a nice outcome for any wow players. So never leave the game aside for a long time.

    Is it the chance to get more than one drop in a row?

    It is indeed that Blizzard may have fixed the increased chance to get legendaries. That means, if you already have already had one Legendary, you still have the odds to get 2 or more drops in a row. Certainly, it is very improbable, but not impossible.

    Are you ok with the Legendary drop rate in Legion? If you are struggling for more legendaries, you might as well do Mythic+ chests with the cheapest gold for wow. Good luck!

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