​Level Ranged Skill Fast and Gain More rs gold fast if Upgrade Crystal Bow​

​Level Ranged Skill Fast and Gain More rs gold fast if Upgrade Crystal Bow​

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  1. When it comes to level up ranged skill, the crystal bow can be the first choice for most players. You see, this is one of the best icons of Old School Runescape. The Crystal Bow is actually a powerful longbow with a faster speed, even during the era of the Whip. You can buy runescape gold on RSorder to buy one in game. However, new updates have made the bow obsolete in its old niches. So it can be great to have crystal bow upgraded.

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    New economy in the game

    Skilling comes first in Deadmen mode

    Pick your location carefully

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    Why upgrade crystal bow:
    Crystal bow was a reasonably powerful bow with a long range. When it comes to fight caves, Crystal bow can be the best choice. However, the Armadyl crossbow was introduced with the same range and is cheaper to use than Crystal bow. Besides, an update made the accumulator work through fences – there is no quality of life gain for using the crystal bow. However, it can be worth having one if there are any change on the weapon. If you are in need of RS 07 gold when playing the game, you can buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder.

    What changes should upgrade crystal

    The crystal bow could not be buffed adequately to be suitable general use without devaluing another Ranged weapon in the same tier.
    Increase DPS of crystal bow but not enough to match blowpipe. When scales become cheaper, crystal bow will become dead content.
    Increase DPS to match blowpipe. Since we already have two identical weapons in the same tier, so it will better to increase DPS to match blowpipe.
    Increase DPS to exceed blowpipe. Overpowered unless the cost to use was increased drastically. Player don’t want the Crystal bow to be so strong, given the relatively lackluster requirements to obtain and wield.
    Increasing the Ranged distance would be of limited use and making the crystal bow 1 handed without additional buffs would devalue the acb.

    Just as you can see, there are many range weapons available in game. However, for high level ranged, a updated crystal bow might be better to help enhance ranged level. When you are working hard to level up your ranged, it is always wise for you to buy Runescape 2007 gold cheap on RSorder to help you. The good news is that RSorder have Halloween flash sale soon, and you can get free RS 07 gold if you join our activity.

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