​Level up Ranged Skill Faster with best rs gold site from Rsorder

​Level up Ranged Skill Faster with best rs gold site from Rsorder

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  1. The max cape will be available to players with level 99 in all skills in next Thursday. So work hard to enhance your skilling level if you want to get a max cape. When it comes to train ranged skill, you may noticed that there are no high level bows available in the game once you achieved a higher ranged. Maybe it is time for Jagex to do something to meet the need of players who want to achieve higher ranged level. Buy rs 2007 gold cheap also can help you a lot to train ranged skill.

    Fix Magic Shortbow, Dark Bow and other useless range items

    There are a lot of useless items in Range. For instance, the Magic Shortbow is only level 50, which is pretty low level. The Dark Bow is level 60, but it is only good for high damage and not good for dps. The 3rd Age Bow is a good thing, but it is too costly for players to buy. So it is necessary for Jagex to focus on fixing range items that are almost worthless. If these weapons are useful to you currently, you can consider gathering cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to buy these weapons and train ranged skill.

    Upgrade crystal bow

    Maybe they should consider upgrading crystal bow since it is impossible for them to fix all of these items. The Crystal Bow is actually a powerful longbow with a faster speed. It was the strongest bow in the game, even during the era of the Whip. It is still very good weapon in some degree, but it has lost a lot of value over time. Therefore, it can be great to have crystal bow upgraded, like increase charges or decrease cost to charge.

    There are many range weapons available in game. However, for high level ranged, a new or updated range items might be better to help enhance ranged level. When you working to level up your ranged skill, you can get cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to help you.

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