Level up Your Runescape Combat Fast and Gain rs gp on RSorder

Level up Your Runescape Combat Fast and Gain rs gp on RSorder

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  1. In Runescape, one of the most important skill you should level up fast is comb at skill. You see, it can be useful to have high level combat skill, you can easily gaim more runescape gold for sale with high level combat skill. However, leveling up your combat skill is kind of hard since it is boring after long time training. Sometimes, it can help you a lot if you have enough RS gold in your bank to help you level up Combat skill fast.
    Level up to 20 by killing chicken and cow

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    To start, head to general store to get free sample bronze dagger, after that, you should go to the chicken farm and kill chickens. Make sure to set your attack style to Accurate. Bury the bones to enhance combat skill, also sell the feathers at GE for extra RS gold. You can continue doing this to level strength and defense to 10. Buy a black sword as well as black armor to finish black scimitar. Also gather the boots and safety gloves. After that, head to Barbarian Village to kill cows. Bury their bones and keep the beef and cowhides. You can get 20 attack, strength, and defense by killing cows.
    Raise from level 20 to 50

    Once you gathered enough RS gold, you can buy some mithril armor and scimitar to kill barbarians in barbarian village. You can achieve 30 attack, strength, and defense here. Sell all your drops for money and buy adamant armor and scimitar. And then you can head to Varrock Sewer and kill zombies to gain 40 attack. Also make sure to arm yourself with rune legs or skirt, and complete free quests. Train on Ice Giants or Moss Giants until your Attack is 60, Strength is 60, and Defense is 50.
    How to achieve level 99
    If you want to level up faster, you should better become a Runescape number. Many areas are only available to numbers. Take a ship to the Pest Control island, the mini-game is best for combat skill enhancing. And play Pest Control until your Attack and defense levels are 70 and your strength is 80. It is necessary for you to buy a dragon battle-axe to help you level combat. Continue playing Pest Control until your attack, strength, and defense levels are all 99. If you need Runescape gold, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder.

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