Long Sweaters

Long Sweaters

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  1. Long sweaters could be the most versitile piece in your wardrobe. They can show off or cover up your figure, be dressed up or dressed down and, depending on the knit, can keep you warm or cool. They are available in most clothing stores or can be purchased online.

    You can wear a long sweater with some skinny jeans for a casual look, then switch to an evening out just by adding a belt, some heels and some jewelry.  The belt will show off your waist while the looseness of the sweater will let you be comfortable both day and night, and the heels will add length to your legs and elegance to your walk. Want to go a little dressier?  Skip the jeans and with the belt and heels, you’ve got a sexy dress! Sweater dresses have never gone out of style, the only style that seems to change is the belt that you wear with them.

    Let’s face it. There are days when you don’t feel your usual fabulous self.  You feel fat and bloated, and the last thing you want to do is wear something fitted. A long sweater is the perfect answer. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you will be in going about your day.  They can turn a bad day into a fab day.

    Now most people think that sweaters can only be worn in winter.  While this is prime sweater season, there are long summer sweaters with shorter sleeves and looser or even lacy knits that actually let the breeze pass through the sweater and cool off your body.  A long lace sweater with a nice camisol underneath can give you a sophisticated look without overheating you.

    Most womens clothing stores carry sweaters, however the best time to buy them is at the end of summer or at the end of winter.  At the end of summer, stores are getting rid of their summer stock, and usually have sales for their new winter lines. At the end of winter, you can get a good deal on next years sweaters and perhaps find a sale on something you can wear for summer.

    But, what do you do if there is something specific that you want and you can’t find it in a store? A quick search online will show you hundreds of retailers with all kinds of long sweaters.  You can even find handmade sites where you can request something custom made. With something made just for you, it will have the measurements that you want, the color and pattern that you want, plus you can have the exact length that you want; the possibilities are endless. 

    From a casual day running errands, to a drink after work at night with co-workers and everything in between, long sweaters will prove a versitile addition to your wardrobe. They are great for any situation, well, except for black tie events and cocktail parties (you’ll want to bring out the big fancy guns for that). So often people find themselves buying a piece that they can only wear with one particular item and therefore hardly ever wear it. Go for long sweaters to get a real bang for your buck.

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