Love Harder AND Live Longer

Love Harder AND Live Longer

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  1. Study results show that people in good, supportive relationships live longer and have better lives, according to research done by the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.

    In addition, the research also revealed that happy couples look younger and are much healthier than those who are single (making the dating rounds), or in bad relationships.

    There are several factors to consider when understanding why happily married couples enjoy life more than their single or unhappily married counterparts.

    I.                   Happily married couples tend to be more sexually active:

    Certainly everyone knows that “feel good” endorphins are released when someone is having enjoyable sex with a trusted person. These endorphins help the body to suppress pain and depression. Sex also increases metabolic rates and causes the body’s blood circulation to improve (even up to hours afterwards).


    And according to the research done by University of Pittsburg Medical Center, About 40% of married people have sex twice a week, compared to 20-25% of single and cohabitating men and women. Over 40% of married women said their sex life was emotionally and physically satisfying, compared to about 30% of single women. For men, it’s 50% of married men are physically and emotionally contents versus 38% of cohabitating men.


    II.                Happily married couples tend to be more financially stable:

    Two people tend to live as cheaply as one and a half person; says authors Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher in, The Case for Marriage. Sharing food, furniture, insurance benefits, cars, and doubling income can be a big boost financially. And, limiting financial stress alone reduces the majority of stressed experienced by most people in this day and age.


    III.             Happily married couples tend to have better health:

    Based on life expectancies, nine of ten married men and women alive at age 48 are alive at 65, while only six of ten single men and eight of ten single women make it to 65. (Cohen et al, 1997). And married men tend to have better immune systems (due to regularly cooked home meals), and they go to the doctor more regularly for check-ups (due to most wives scheduling their appointments).


    IV.              Happily married couples tend to stress less:

    Single people always have thoughts in the back of their minds that if they or their children become ill, loss their job, or have an unexpected tragedy…”Then who can they turn to for help?” And, these thoughts alone can contribute to subliminal stress.    

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