​Magnesium Hydroxide and Flame Retardant

​Magnesium Hydroxide and Flame Retardant

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  1.    China researched fire retardant since the middle sixties. In terms of resource, China has incontrovertible advantages compared with other countries. And there are many advantages for developing fire retardant. Along with the continuous development of magnesium particles flame retardant, the normal     http://www.magnesiumking.com/     magnesium hydroxide particles could not satisfy the industrial requires again.

       With the technological development and the urgent requirement for “Green Earth Plan”, people gradually prefer new flame retardant with non-poisonous and smoke inhibition. The experts estimate that the demand for this kind of fire retardant will progressive increase at the rate of 8% every year. Japan pays some attention on the comprehensive utilization of brucite when it is developing seawater and brine flame retardant. At the same time, the America also invests strength to the progress of produce flame retardant trough processing natural brucite when it is actively developing the synthesis of flame retardants.

    In the past few years, the annual growth rate of flame retardant is 8%. It still maintain this level at present. If the halogenated flame retardant is limited, new flame retardant’s growth rate would be higher than before. Concerned expert thinks, the flame retardants market has been fairly mature, and the standardizing legislation about fire safety has set. Therefore, it is benefit R&D and production application of flame retardant.

    With the development of domestic polymer industry, the demand for flame retardant is rising greatly. The product, which not only made from synthesized resources but also made from natural resources, grows with each passing day used in flame retardant. It is magnesium salt industry’s common problem to develop flame retardant with high additional value through using domestic good source of magnesium and depending on technological innovation. In the magnesium-based products, flame-retardant magnesium hydroxide has particular charming because of the huge potential in domestic and foreign markets, especially high purity ultrafine magnesium hydroxide. The natural brucite resource in domestic has been exploited and applied. What’s more, it has rich ore reserves. Therefore, it is a task with rosy prospect and huge potential to take full advantage of these resources and actively develop flame retardant.

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