​Magnesium Oxide Need New Advantages

​Magnesium Oxide Need New Advantages

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  1.    With the increasingly raw material, the cost of magnesium oxide industry will be raise. Therefore, it need to create new competitive advantage.

       In the current situation, there is no doubt that the raw material cost of our country’s magnesium oxide will be raise. It is also the fact that some magnesium oxide manufacturers run into trouble. Looking forward, the government is promoting supply-side structural reform, and focusing on decrease cost and burdens for magnesium oxide suppliers. What’s more, in order to make these manufacturers develop longer, the government also encourage every magnesium oxide suppliers to adjust the industrial structure, transformation and upgrading.

       Although the price of magnesium oxide raised a little recently, people should see it even more clearly through the fog. On the surface, the magnesium oxide is facing the problem of cost raise. As a matter of fact, it real problem is the labour pains which is the problem of adjust instruction deeply. On the one hand, compared with other countries, our cost advantage gradually reduce. On the other hand, the products did not achieve the highest value-added. Therefore, some deep contradictions emerge from the water naturally.

       We should not only pay high attention to reduce cost for magnesium oxide suppliers but also build confidence to be powerful. In addition, we should base on the long-term strategy to support magnesium oxide supplier, improve the overall product additive value and enterprise competitive power through pushing transformation and upgrading. For the magnesium oxide, it should not depend on ow cost competition. It should focus on industrial upgrading and the momentum of development through innovation. On the one hand, based on the industry and supplement the short of technology. On the other hand, in order to promote magnesium oxide industry to the high-end, it should breakthrough advanced technology and explore emerging market as well.

       Although it maybe the normalcy for the rising cost of raw materials, it will form the competitive advantage expect for the cost.

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