​Make some changes in Darkscape to Allow Players Get More Darkscape Gold for sale in Game

​Make some changes in Darkscape to Allow Players Get More Darkscape Gold for sale in Game

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  1. Darkscape is a game based on RS 3, however, it is a complete different game which have its own updates. You will in need of DS gold when you are playing in Darkscape. In this case, you can buy darkscape gold on RSorder. Currently, many players are complaining about this game and they think that Darkscape becomes more and more boring to play after playing for a long time. So what changes should Jagex make to ensure this game fresh to play in.

    Make 3 separate economies into 1

    You may noticed that the Grand exchange not selling much useful items since it is only a month old economy. Some items may not even exist until people grind them themselves – those people may not be generous enough to sell them anyway. In fact, its not working as good as hoped it would, maybe it will be better if remove the separate economies and make them onto one instead.

    Remove teleport timer and make fast

    Just as you can see, it is almost impossible for players to escape from a fight if not strong enough unless you’re very lucky. However, it will be much better if it allows players to teleport fast again inside a certain region, even in combat. In this way, players are likely to take more risk and use more expensive items. And this can help reduce the amount of 1 itemers and promote even more pking.

    Remove the guards in Darkscape

    When playing Darkscape, most players are getting rid of the guards all around the game. They discourage pking as some people are scared to skull because them and their OP smite ability. After being playing for a while, it make no sense to get killed all the time. If one want to avoid the guards, one have to ensure they can stay in higher level region. If you are in need of Darkscape gold to enhance their character, you can buy cheap DS gold on RSorder.

    Though Darkscape is losing players right now, it is still a amazing game to play in, especially if Darkscape team would like to make some changes in the game. Always keep in mind that you should have enough Darkscape gold to enhance your character and buy best weapons if you want to make the most of the game. Luckily, RSorder always can be the best place for you to buy cheap Darkscape gold.

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