Metamorphosis: The Process of Life

Metamorphosis: The Process of Life

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  1.          As I go on with my life, I see people coming and going. Every day, we meet different people.  Some of them cause us happiness and some cause us pain. Most of them share something in our life. They somewhat shared something in order for us to be what we are now.

            Life is a process. Just like how a butterfly went into a process before it became a beautiful winged creature. at first, It creeps its way to its food. If it only knew how to complain, it would ask why it has to creep just to eat. Then it will be wrapped in a cocoon tightly. If it would complain, It would ask why he has to be detained inside a small cocoon (pupa) for so long. I could hardly move! Finally, after a long wait, It finds its a way out. And in its amazement, it finds its self flying with beautiful wings.

            The process that the butterfly went into is called the Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is the rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some insects. The butterfly goes through stages to become an adult butterfly. 

            We as human, we also undergo a process.  We encounter trials, we get hurt, we sometimes fail. This process is painful that sometimes we think of giving up. But those who patiently wait, and those who endured the pains, they are the ones who grow beautifully.  Someday after the long suffering, You will see how beautiful person that you have become. 


    note: photo credit to the owner.


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