​Modern Physics

​Modern Physics

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  1. Max Plank proposed the Quantum theory of radiation in 1900. He is called the Father of Modern Physics. so the developments coming in physics are to-geatherly called as modern physics

    Atom : the nucleus of the atom was discovered by Rutherford which has the size of 1 ferni [1ferni =10^(-15 ) m]

    Positively charged protons & neutrally charged neutrons co-exists in the nucleus of the atom 

    Pair of 1 proton & 1 neutron is called as 1 nucleon

    Protons , neutrons & electrons are called as  the fundamental particles or primary particles . Among them electron was the 1st particle which was discovered by the man

    Electron or Cathod rays : Electron was discovered by J.J.Thomson. Cathod rays were discovered in discharge tube at the pressure 0.001mm  by J.J. Thomson. Hence received the noble prize in physics.

    Cathod rays are 1st observed by PLUCKER, but discovered experimentally by J.J.Thomson




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