Mothers Day 10% off blade and soul gold sale: Changes to Weapon Paths and Gem Hammers

Mothers Day 10% off blade and soul gold sale: Changes to Weapon Paths and Gem Hammers

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  1. Following months of feedback from the community, the Blade and Soul team has announced that they will be making changes to weapon upgrade paths and gem hammers and sockets. Some players think it is a good change. However, some state that it is just unfriendly with new players in BnS. For cheap gold Blade and Soul for sale, come to Safewow!

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    Changes to weapon paths and gem hammers will come soon.

    On June 1, the final two tiers of the Moonwater Plains weapon progression, Siren and Pirate, will be retired. Following the change, players will go straight from Profane to the Silverfrost Mountains weapon path.
    As for gem sockets, all weapon sockets opened with Gem Hammers will no longer reset from May 11 when transitioning from the Moonwater Plains path to the Silverfrost Mountains path. Also there will also be changes to the number of hammers required to unlock additional gem sockets.

    Why does NCSoft make changes to weapon upgrades?

    It is partly because of an upcoming event that will allow players to reduce their overall upgrade costs by between 10% and 40%. It is also partly because the Korean version of Blade and Soul retired these weapon paths at the release of the Silverfrost Mountains expansion. These paths require players to farm dungeons of a lower level to get the materials they need. However these paths are considered to generally be cheaper routes to take. The team thus has chosen to remove them in time for the event so that everyone can upgrade their gear quickly.

    Changes are unfriendly with new players.

    It is just a temporary solution to a permanent issue. Current players can upgrade a little easier during the event. Then the event ends, the next bunch of new players are faced with tremendous gear barrier once they hit level 50. New players will have it tough unless they have an active clan to organize runs with them. Also the grinding of 45 dungeons is used as justification for the change. It is not that fair for new players.

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