Never miss Jun.18 safewow free 3000K astral diamonds neverwinter as your best 2017 New Year gift

Never miss Jun.18 safewow free 3000K astral diamonds neverwinter as your best 2017 New Year gift

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  1. Giants are coming to the Sword Coast in Neverwinter. If you follow the tabletop version of the game produced by Wizards of the Coast, you’re probably already excited for the next expansion, The Storm King’s Thunder. Today the developers announced that expansion will also be coming to the MMO.

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    Players will set off on an excursion to the north, visiting the capital city Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale. Frost Giants have reappeared and it’s up to us to find out why. Players will be able to team up with R. A. Salvatore’s characters Catti-brie and Wulfgar.

    For high-level adventurers, the expansion will provide a new campaign across three zones and a brand new dungeon difficulty which will offer even more challenge.
    A fresh wave of content has been released for Neverwinter in the form of “The Storm King’s Thunder” expansion which adds a level 70+ campaign, a new tier three dungeon, item progression system, and a whole list of fixes and changes in a new patch. Take a look at the lengthy list full of new details and information:
    Return to Icewind Dale in a brand new journey through three new Adventure Zones.
    With the assistance of Makos, Cattie-brie and Wulfgar, confront the Frost Giant Jarl Storvald and the powerful artifact known as the Ring of Winter threatening to plunge Faer?n, and possibly all of Toril, into eternal winter.
    The ancient kingdom of the giants, Ostoria, fell thousands of years ago, collapsing under the stresses of the wars against the dragons and betrayal from within the ranks of the giants themselves. Almost all of the great treasures the giants accumulated during their rule are now lost, but not all.

    With a new tier of armor comes the chance to restore powerful pieces of equipment to resist the potent effects from the Ring of Winter that lies in the hands of the Frost Giants.

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