Never miss swtor2credits double swtor credits offers and Swtor Update 5.1 for 2017

Never miss swtor2credits double swtor credits offers and Swtor Update 5.1 for 2017

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  1. Bioware has announced that 5 new Uprisings, Master Difficulty for all KOTFE and KOTET chapters, and Galactic Command gearing changes will be coming with Swtor Update 5.1 on January 24. It is worth to mention that the tribute for Carrie Fisher on Alderaan is approved of by the official team.

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    The tribute for Carrie Fisher

    A few days ago, players made some proposals to commemorate Carrie Fisher’s passing in Swtor. Once Bioware is back from vacation, they stated that the tribute for her is not bad. It is possible to create a tribute for Carrie Fisher on Alderaan.

    Five new Uprisings in Story and Veteran Difficulty

    Swtor Update 5.1 is coming on Jan 24, with 5 new uprisings. Here are the names, locations and stories:

    Trench Runner in Denova: defeat some rogue Republic troops.

    Destroyer of Worlds in Makeb: escort a giant bomb down there and defeat this old monster.

    Landing Party in Rakata Prime: Leftover forces from Zakuul try to rebuild a Star Fortress.

    Divided We Fall in Coruscant: Rogue Coruscant security forces try to blow up the Senate and blame you for it.

    Trial and Error in Space Station: Mad science and experimenting with the Rakghoul plague.

    Galactic Command gearing changes in Swtor Update 5.1

    As we have reported before, some new currencies, like Commend Tokens, will be added in SWTOR Update 5.1, as well as legacy perks. Here is the list:

    1. New currency: Command Tokens, which are legacy wide and retroactively granted. You can earn them from Command Crates. Command Tokens can be used to buy CXP boosters for a lower CXP Tier for your alts, which is much like legacy perks.

    2. New currency: Unassembled Components, earned from participation in Warzones.

    3. New currency: Unassembled Gear Pieces, earned from Ops bosses or purchased with Unassembled Components. The last boss of an Op has a guaranteed chance to drop a specific Unassembled Gear piece while the other will have an increased chance as you get further into the op.

    In addition, Unassembled Gear Pieces combined with Command Tokens will give you a tier set piece on the vendor. The vendor will be added on Jan 24 when Swtor Update 5.1 is released. Besides, it is worth to mention that Master Difficulty for all KOTFE and KOTET Chapters will also be launched with swtor 5.1.

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