Neverwinter Castle Never Preview and Live Stream Available on March 1!

Neverwinter Castle Never Preview and Live Stream Available on March 1!

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  1. Curious about the upcoming the Maze Engine? Have a question about Castle Never dungeon? Well, look no further! On March 1, another round Play with the Devs will begin as well as the Live Stream to help you get more knowledge about this new upcoming dungeon. Buy safe neverwinter pc astral diamonds on safewow now to be ready!

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    Know more about Castle Never dungeon on March 1

    When there is still one-month waiting before The Maze Engineer hit on PC version of Neverwinter, players can preview the new dungeon in this upcoming module this Tuesday, March 1 from 3-4PM PT in the Play with Devs event. Adventurers with an iLvl of 2000+ can queue for Castle Never dungeon with a group of Cryptic developers, while people who are less than 2000 iLvl will be able to access to Pirate King’s Retreat dungeon. What’s more, even you are not in the game, you can still join in – a Live Stream that involved Staff Content Designer, Sean “Commander Ander” McCann and Community Manager, and Andy “StrumSlinger” Wong will explain the design and art process behind the reworked dungeon to the audience. Want to have a first touch with the final boss at the end of Castle Never and the updated version of returning Pirate King’s Retreat? Buy cheap and safe neverwinter pc astral diamonds on safewow and mark the time. You will also have a chance of winning a Purple or Green Owlbear!

    How to join in Neverwinter Preview?

    1. Go to Character Copy Page and click the “Sign Up!” button to make your account Preview enabled.
    2. Select “NeverwinterPreview” as a shard in the Neverwinter launcher.
    3. Mmake a new character and play on NeverwinterPreview, or select one of your previously existing characters from the dropdown menu on the next page.
    4. Select NeverwinterPreview as the destination to copy the character in the dropdown menu.
    5. Press the Copy button.
    6. Open your Neverwinter launcher, select the NeverwinterPreview shard, and wait for your client to patch.
    6. Launch the game. If you copied your character over, you will now see it on NeverwinterPreview. Otherwise, you will have to make a new character.

    With Castle Never Preview to be available tomorrow, we are one more step closer to the Maze Engineer. Have you been ready to continue the adventure? Safe and fast neverwinter astral diamonds on safewow will help you to make the most of new contents!

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