Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds free giveaway:tips to Fight Lostmauth in Lair of Lostmauth Epic Dungeon

Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds free giveaway:tips to Fight Lostmauth in Lair of Lostmauth Epic Dungeon

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  1. Severin is trying to form an alliance with the old red dragon Lostmauth against Neverwinter. Fight your way through the Cult of the Dragon army and stop Severin and Lostmauth! Read below to learn how to fight Lostmauth in the epic Dungeon on Neverwinter PS4?

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    There are 4 mechanics, 5 moves, and a phase transition in your fight of Lostmauth

    4 fight mechanics of Lostmauth

    1. The first mechanic is rocks that fall throughout the entire fight. So never stay in one place for too long and have a good healer. The higher item level you have, the less impact getting hit. You can buy cheap ps4 astral diamond to level up your item.

    2. The second mechanic is that one section of the platform will have lava flowing over and will alternate sections every 10 seconds or so. After Phase 2, multiple sections will be covered leaving you only three sections of moving room.

    3. The third mechanic is that fireballs will be flying around the outer rim of the map. These fireballs have a pattern and eventually you are able to be aware of them. But at first be careful!

    4. The fourth mechanic is the first move. From time to time, Lostmauth will lift his head up and roar, doing this makes you stunned. And once you are stunned in the big circle of lava, death will spawn around the platform.

    5 moves of Lostmauth

    1. The second move is a wind AOE with Lostmauth in the center. You have to get out of this because being launched into the lava isn’t fun.

    2. The third move is a laser beam that comes from his eyes. There will be two lines pointing at you. If you just don’t have any stamina, a paladin or anyone who can tank the beam can save you here. You can go behind them and they will block/tank the beam depending on the class.

    3. The fourth Move is a cone type move. He will start the battle with this move, and it’s probably a move you won’t have to deal with much unless you are tanking.

    4. The fifth move is the head/tail waving. It doesn’t give you any warning other than a stance change.

    The phase transition of Lostmauth

    Transition will be the biggest challenge of the entire Dungeon. At half health, the entire platform will be engulfed in lava and will force you to stand in the middle. Also, you have to dodge falling rocks throughout the entire transition.

    Once Lostmauth takes flight, you should group together with others at the corner of the platform and get there fast as the first rock is falling. Then move at a decent pace but not run around the edge of the middle platform. Once a rock falls, everyone stops and waits 1.5 seconds, then moves to the direct opposite side of the platform. When the rock falls again, you should count and move to where you just were. Keep doing this until the lava disappears and you’re able to spread out.

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