Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds tips: Where to get Best Armor?

Neverwinter PS4 astral diamonds tips: Where to get Best Armor?

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  1. Once the characters get Level 70, you must to change your equipment to farm dungeons, so what armor is the best? Where to get best armor for your class? Here you will know the best neverwinter armor in PS4.
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    1. Alliance Assault

    There are 4 pieces of alliance assault set, namely Alliance Assault Scalemail, Alliance Assault Sallet, Alliance Assault Vambraces and Alliance Assault Greaves. Increase very good stats for Armor Penetration and Defense, and a certain amount of Critical Strike, this armor set is a very high cost-effective equipment.

    Equipment Source: It can be bought for 600 Seal of the Elements at a Seal Trader in the Protector’s Enclave or Caer-Konig.
    2. Dusk

    It is very simple reason to choose this armor set, you can get 500 Power as long as you equipped 3 sets of armor, mainly attribute is Recovery and Defense. So this armor set can guarantee your survive, the output will not reduce at the same time.

    Equipment Source: Get them via Elemental Infusion.
    3. Burning Duelist

    If you are a PVP lover, the Burning Duelist armor set is the good choice. Personal think the Survival is the first important thing in PVP, so you need increase Regeneration, Defense, and Recovery. These properties are owned Burning Duelist, and the important stat is Tenacity for PVP! Increase your Damage Resistance, Armor Penetration Resistance, Critical Strike Resistance and Control Resistance.

    Equipment Source: Obtained by Elemental Infusion.
    Of course, in addition to above 3 best armors, you also can find some best armors for your class, different build with different equipment in the game.

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