Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice Guide and 10% off astral diamonds for sale

Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice Guide and 10% off astral diamonds for sale

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  1. Believe most of players want to get Neverwinter Relic Artifact Weapons of Sea of Moving Ice, the Relic Artifact Weapons outperform the Twisted set by a decent margin and are absolutely best-in-slot for any DPS builds.

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    Acquiring the Unrestored Relics is the easiest part. Just complete the storyline quests in Sea of Moving Ice. Upon defeating the final boss in the Runestead, you are granted the unrestored set (Rusted Trailblazer’s Axes).

    Now the fun stuff begins. Just like the Relic Armor Set, the Relic Artifact Weapons have to be restored to be usable. Restoration requires a flurry of resources that have to be farmed in different spots.


    Players need 50,000 Voninblod that comes from Heroic Encounters, Relic farm or the new Treasure Hunt.


    There are four resources that drop from Treasures in the Sea of Moving Ice: Ostorian Residuum, Livewood Sap, Dubbin and Chert Waterstone. You need three of one of these for the Main and an additional two for the Off-Hand. The types vary with your class.


    Another four new resources drop from Fishing. Four specific types of fish can be gutted to get them. The Ventdiver drops Naphtha, the Runechanged Nautiloid the Runechanged Ink, the Icebound Whelk the Permafrost Shell and the Myrmidon the Diluted Vitriol. Check the collection to see in which locations these fish can be farmed. The types vary with your class and you need five for the Main and three for the Off-Hand.


    Players require 60 Reclaimed Runes for both Relic Artifact Weapons. Since three drop per day you should be good in case you haven’t missed too many days of SoMI progression since its launch. Otherwise you might not be able to get enough Runes to complete restoration before the Double Refinement event.


    Dragon Turtle Moult is the SoMI version of Lanolin that drops from Heroic Encounters. Because the devs recently fixed the big Heroics you should be able to join a HE train and farm the needed 40. These also drop from the Treasure Hunt.


    Svardborg EnvironmentWith that, you should soon be the proud owner of the Relic Artifact Weapons. Unfortunately that’s not the end of the road. Even though you have restored your Weapons and can stuff them with sufficient RP, you still need the new Marks from the Svardborg Trial to upgrade them.

    The drop rate is up in the air with no-one able to get into the Trial so far. Thomas Foss however promised their new approach on chest loot will be already visible in Svardborg, whatever that means. So there’s a lot of guesswork involved how grindy this part of the progression will be, but following our guide you are at least properly set up for it.

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