Neverwinter Storm Kings Thunder:How to Get Everfrost Resistance with astral diamonds hot sale

Neverwinter Storm Kings Thunder:How to Get Everfrost Resistance with astral diamonds hot sale

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  1. Over the week, the needed Everfrost Resistance for Fangbreaker Island emerges as a hot topic in the Neverwinter universe. The guide to get Everfrost Resistance for Fangbreaker Island in the Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder will meet your need for Everfrost Resistance.

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    Guide to get Everfrost Resistance for Fangbreaker Island

    1. The campaign does not only give 4% from boons, but will also feature new Undergarments and Reinforcement Kits that add another 12%. This would boost the EF Resistance gained from the campaign to 16%.
    2. Add 5% from an Everfrost Potion and all you need to cover with gear is 7%. That’s two pieces of empowered Frostborn gear or the empowered Relic boots that can drop from the major Heroic Encounters in the new zones.
    3. Guilds can also buy a new buff food in their Strongholds that adds 2%. It might not make the requirement reasonable, but you also aren’t forced to buy into the dungeon. All they need to do is fully unlock the campaign and grind out the Relic boots. The Greater Underwear starts at 10,000 Voninblod and 50 Ten-Towns Supplies.
    4. The Armor Kit is 5,000 and 40 Supplies. It’s not surprising you need to put in substantial grind to reach the 28% free-to-play style. It fits the pay-to-accelerate approach of the game. It could also be that you are unable to enter Fangbreakers as soon as you have unlocked it, because you are forced to complete other campaign tasks first to get the Underwear etc.

    The Max Everfrost Resistance from Gear Is 22%

    You can get up to 22% Everfrost Resistance from gear. There are three pieces of empowered Frostborn (4+4+6) and the empowered Relic Boots (8). With food and potion buffs, you are already good to go, but you need to complete the campaign up to the dungeon unlock as well.

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